About Us

Our Aims 

  • We aim to promote and provide opportunities for LGBT Christians to come together for postcard-front
    fellowship, worship, and social activities.
  • To provide support and advice to LGBT Christians and their families.
  • To gather and provide resources and information to LGBT Christians, their families and the wider Church community on the particular issues relating to sexuality and the Christian faith.
  • And to share the gospel with the LGBT community.

We all have different stories, these are just snippets of ours. 


I’m Lucy, and I’m 27yrs old and I’m gay. I’ve been brought up in a happy Christian family, Mum, Dad, little sister and usually somewhere between 2-3 dogs! I came out when I was 17, however I’d known deep down, even from the age of about 12 that I was gay. Although receiving some ‘interesting’ comments from Christians, I am lucky enough to have family and friends who love me and support me in everything I do.  I have, what I believe is a God given passion, for equality for LGBT people within the church and I will do everything in my power to gain that. God makes no mistakes and that includes your sexuality.



My name is Andy, 40 something. Came out in my 30’s which as a married man was a real trauma. I had been brought up in a very loving Christian family. Church involvement for much of my life both Sunday School as a child and then church choir membership which continued into my adult life. I had a real struggle with coming to terms with my sexuality and originally thought I had a choice and well, felt like I was the only person in the World that was this way. I now know that I am loved and I am not alone. You can be true to yourself and have every right to practice your faith.


Hi, I’m Fi. I love being part of the Hull LGBT Christian Fellowship- so much so that I travel over from Leeds for it! It can be so hard sometimes to find other LGBT Christians to hang out with and to chat with about relevant issues. But I’ve been able to make new friends, think through tough issues and feel at home and ‘normal’ by getting involved. Cheesy as it is, my three biggest loves are God, my girlfriend, and being in community… three things I get to celebrate and enjoy within the safety of the group. Would love to see you join us in fellowship and bring even more for us to celebrate!


I’m Gerald. I’m 46 years old and I’m gay. I live in Hull with my partner of 23 years. I’m an Anglican and am currently churchwarden at my local church. I’m out to the congregation and have not met any hostility or frostiness from worshipers or clergy. I know however that that is not the experience of many and I’m keen to do my bit to change attitudes and make the church a welcoming place for all members of the LGBT community.
I believe we can do that by being out and involved in our churches.


Hey, I’m Kimmy, extremely gay and a strong believer.
I was brought up in a strong African Christian Community. Brought up thinking that being gay is a very wrong. The short version is I had a hard time coming out. It was hard to accept myself and to ignore the people who said there was no such thing as a ‘Gay Christian’. Being part of the LGBT Christian Fellowship has been a blessing. You don’t have to filter your emotions, question whether everyone truly accepts you or your partner beside you.
You can be exactly who you are, sharing your faith with like-minded people.


Jess Pic 2 (2)


Hi, my name is Jess, and I’m 24. I grew up abroad in a christian-missionary background. It took me a long time to reconcile my christian faith with my sexuality, and it was a long and painful process. However, now I’m out and proud, and very happy for it! Being involved in the LGBT Christian fellowship has been a huge encouragement to me. Being able to be there with my girlfriend, getting to know others in the group, and sharing life together has made being an LGBT Christian a lot easier.



Life can be beautiful and also tough…we all know that. A beautiful moment for me has been when I found I could join in a local LGBT group that is Christian. Here I could just relax, chat, have a laugh, listen, and engage in discussions on a wild and wide variety of subjects that has been nourishing. I suppose the essential element is that the group IS made up of Christians! The big deal for me is, I’ve met lots of other LGBT folk who are not Christians and found the sometimes pervasive anti Christian/religious sentiments diminish my spiritual life. Here I can just be what I am…a member of a church that is truly inclusive.


Hi there, I’m Cath and I’m 60. I have known since I was about 12 that I was gay. I went to church with my Mum from an early age, but gradually came to feel I was living two lives, as nothing of how I felt as a gay person trying to live a Christian life, was reflected at church. Rather it felt unwise to mention it.

I have had a very long break from calling myself a Christian, but last year happened across this very special LGBT fellowship in Hull. From talking to people here I found the confidence to try my local church. Now, I feel I have found two places where I can be myself: both gay and Christian!