Speaking above the noise.

So yet again, like so many other times social media is up in arms over a comment from a seemingly homophobic Christian. The difference being, for me, this time it’s a vicar in Hull. It’s a vicar I know of, that knows of me, and has accused me of ‘affirming genital expression’ by setting up our fellowship group, whatever the hell that is!

You can find the artmelvinicle on Pink News here. It reports that Rev Tinker (in a questionable purple shirt) was responding to a decision by Canon Smith of York Minister to bless the pride parade this weekend. Rev Tinker apparently responded by suggesting that the Church should therefore welcome those who are ‘doing wrong’ such as serial adulterers, and people engaged with paedophilia.
And there we have it, the classical ill informed, ultra conservative view of homosexuality being linked with the likes of active paedophilia. Marvellous.

This gets me, more than anything, because quite rightly people will assume that this is the view of Christians, when actually, although we have a long way to go, that’s not actually the view of people in the pews, and dare I say it probably isn’t the view of the people that sit in his pews!
I’m not sure whether Rev Tinker is aware as yet, but Pride in Hull is happening on 18th July. Our LGBT Christian Fellowship group are going to be there with ‘Christians at Pride’ t-shirts on, a 12ft Jesus coming all the way from Blackpool courtesy of Liberty Church Blackpool along with glow in the dark wristbands, sweets & stickers.
We’re going to be there all day, from the parade to having drinks in the club afterwards, making sure that everyone who comes along whether young, old, gay, straight, bi, trans*, male, female, neutral, pet lover, single, childless or hundreds of children knows they are fearfully and wonderfully made.
That they were made in the image of God and that he does NOT make mistakes.

Rev Tinker is entitled to his opinion, and I respect it, however I will not stay quiet and let him portray the God I know and love to be a God of hate and discrimination.

3 thoughts on “Speaking above the noise.

  1. Thank you for this statement. As a Christian in a same-sex marriage I’ve found it difficult over the last few days to read some of the homophobic statements made by the clergy. Fortunately they seem to be in the minority and certainly a shrinking portion of the Church. God bless Christians at Pride!

  2. As a rational person I rejoice in events like this. It just points out the complete hypocrisy of gay members of the Catholic and Anglican churches; except the repressed ones of course.

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