Do I love breeders?

(For context first read Hillsong’s ‘Do I love gay people?’)115e57df85fbff6 (2)

I love and care about all people. No matter what their beliefs, ethics, or lifestyles. It concerns me that so many in the Christian Church can be quick to judge others that are different from themselves, that don’t fit into the categories I’d like them to.

I try to live by my own Christian convictions and for this reason hold true on the thought that breeders are not God’s ideal. I believe that God’s word is clear on the straight lifestyle,  that relationships should only be between those of the same sex. Millions of children are abused, orphaned, or put through a tragic childhood because of this excessive breeding.

Our Church welcomes ALL people, but of course, we cannot support all ways of life. If I’m to be frank, we do not support a breeding lifestyle and as a consequence of this, we cannot allow breeders within the leadership of our Church.
I understand that this may be upsetting, but this just highlights what a difficult issue breeders are for the worldwide Church, and again to be frank, it’s causing me a bit of inconvenience too!

I love all people and if I were to work with a breeder I would love them in the same way that I would love anyone else. Everyone is entitled to follow what they believe to be right. I could totally disagree with the way you live, and I will always tell you how wrong you are according to my personal convictions, but at the end of the day, it’s your choice. Rather you than me! After all God created us with free will!

I think we have moved too quickly in allowing breeders to be active, but how does this affect our Church? I believe we can continue in our ministry as long as we are not forced to take part in your debauchery or pair you together in marriage.
Breeders marriage is already legal in many places, and we are still here, we will not surrender.

Everyone is welcome at our Church, oh, apart from those who don’t quite fit into our safe boxes. Then maybe not.
Unless of course we like them…then maybe.

So, if you’re a breeder are you welcome? YES! You can come along, meet us, socialise with us, reap all the benefits of being part of a Church congregation. But (this is where is gets awkward) we will not allow you to lead in anything in our Church. Let’s face it, if you’re a breeder it’s not as though you have anything to offer!
Some may see this as being duplicitous, but we are a breeder welcoming Church, but do not want breeders involved in the Church.

I began this sermon by stating “I love and care about all people”. My friend and I were in a lift with a man dressed as a Native American. We had a brief conversation, he gave us a huge smile, which I interpreted as the spirit of the Lord within him. He left, and we both comment how lovely he was. Does that mean I agree with his lifestyle? No! Of course not – but I can’t not talk to him can I?!

I love people yes, and I have breeder friends. Jesus hung out with all sorts of people.  He gave strength to the weak and took it away from those that were up their own arse. He would do the same if he came back to earth today. While on earth he dealt with the social issues like breeding we unfortunately have to deal with today. I pray for the Lord to return and smite all those who I don’t quite agree with.

If He had wanted to kick the world into gear he would have sent a strong man to do that, but he didn’t, he wanted to save the world (mainly from breeders) so he sent one that didn’t breed.

Love (I think…)


(N.B. This is of course a tongue in cheek response to Hillsong’s blog. I really do try my best to truly love all whoever they are.)


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  1. Of course we welcome breeders, and we welcome you to add to the Church Financially, your money is as good as everybody elses, ee encourage you to tithe, give joy offerings, heap offerings, mission offerings. And to bring good food to the bring and share.

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